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Property Services

Net Trade Central Europe Ltd. (hereafter: NTCE Kft) is a reference point for foreign property investors and owners looking to achieve maximum yield on their Hungarian property investment. We assist private individuals, funds and other real estate advisory firms based in Budapest. Our core services include:

Mortgages for individuals in Hungary are as readily available as in Western Europe, subject to the usual status requirements. However, it can be very time consuming and difficult for a foreign citizen to apply for a mortgage in reality due to geographical distance and communication difficulties. 
NTCE Kft in conjunction with several Hungarian banks can help you to

  • choose the most convenient financing option;

  • submit the mortgage and loan documentation and;

  • handle all communication with the bank. 

We have a wide selection of properties available in the prime districts of Budapest for both commercial and residential real estate investments. We supply contemporary furnishings of the quality and standard necessary for rented accommodations. We provide individual items and flexible packages ensuring our solutions are within your budget. Our aim is to provide a complete property furnishing service - right down to that last teaspoon! Our service includes budgeting, purchasing, delivery, assembly, installation and cleaning.

Should the investor’s property need creative and dynamic insurance options we can assist them in this area as well through our network of insurance brokers

Should the investors require English, Spanish or German speaking legal advisors we can assist here as well. By profiling the lawyers that we suggest to our client’s the investor knows that he will receive top quality and independent legal assistance.

Our Property Rental services include:

  • advertising the availability "for rent" or "for lease" of the premises when vacant;

  • performing viewings to perspective tenants;

  • assisting in executing leases and rental agreements on behalf of the Owner;

  • providing all services necessary for the proper management of the property including periodic inspections, dealing with tenants, supervision of maintenance and arranging for repairs;

  • paying from gross receipts all operating expenses which may be due to  the Owner;

  • maintaining accurate records of all money received and disbursed in connection with the management of the property. 

If our services sound interesting please contact us directly on ntcekft@gmail.com

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